Chabad Treatment Center


Chassidic Thoughts of the Week

Group therapy session

Chassidic Thoughts of the Week: So many of us our trying to find our mission in life, to have our strongest self esteem to present to the world and in relationships so we can find our best mates and create our best life journeys… In Tanya it describes what our mission is: To make a…

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A G-d Beyond Our Understanding

Jewish men preparing for prayer

A G-d Beyond Our Understanding “Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of G-d as we understood Him.” As a big advocate of the 12 steps, I integrate them into our treatment program at the Chabad Treatment Center. Sometimes however, it seems challenging to combine ideas from the…

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Improve Communication with Dr. Donna’s 4 E’s

Couple by photograph

Improve Communication with Dr. Donna’s 4 E’s: Enquire, Engage, Empower and Encourage! So often when we are frustrated with the behavior of our loved ones, we don’t take the time to recognize what is going on beneath the surface. What if we could get a glimpse into what was really motivating our children; if we…

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