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Building an inner core of strength, faith, and fellowship.

Spirituality has always been a core component of Chabad’s treatment. Establishing a spiritual foundation into recovery can help build a sense of inner strength, hope, connectedness, and serves as a building block for creating a meaningful life. Chabad welcomes people from all backgrounds and affiliations and is dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of all of our clients.

Our spiritual staff works together with our clinical and 12 step team to address the unique spiritual, religious, family and community issues and problems that many of our clients have experienced. Healing past spiritual wounds is vital to recovery. We help our clients from all faiths define and create lives that are filled with joy, meaning, and integrity. Together we help our clients form a connection to their inner core, to others, to the world and to a Higher Power.



  • Individual spiritual counseling
  • Daily group classes on Torah and Spirituality
  • Individual Torah learning
  • Morning Prayer and meditation
  • Holiday services and celebrations
  • Sabbath prayer and meals at the Rabbi’s house or on site
  • Thursday night sober farbrengen’s

Chabad is known for it’s annual Chanukah and Purim Parties with graduates, families and friends celebrating together.

Jewish men at Synagogue



Developing life habits that include physical fitness, meditation and breath work, good nutritional choices and self-care is an important part of a holistic program of wellness that supports sobriety. Client’s are encouraged to work out regularly and make wholesome food and lifestyle choices. Gaining healthy habits for life is part of every treatment plan at Chabad.

Men playing basketball
Recovery program yoga

Wellness activities include:

  • Daily physical fitness with attendance at a local gym
  • Hikes
  • Basketball and other sport activities
  • Beach and outdoor activities
  • Breath and Meditation classes
  • Smoothies, juicing, and eating for recovery
  • Wellness classes



Our food is Glatt kosher and Chalov Yisroel.

Kosher kitchen in drug treatment center

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“A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness” - The Alter Rebbe