Chassidic Thoughts of the Week:

So many of us our trying to find our mission in life, to have our strongest self esteem to present to the world and in relationships so we can find our best mates and create our best life journeys...
Group therapy session

In Tanya it describes what our mission is: To make a dwelling place in the lowest world for HaShem.

What does that mean?

In simple terms, it means that all of our lowest points, our lowest experiences can be transformed to our great missions and strengths as long we take those experiences and really "step 3" them.  That means truly bringing G-d's will into those experiences.

We are taught that the lowest or farthest something is from G-d the stronger or more powerful G-d's force needs to be to reach that point.  In essence we can be incredibly empowered by G-d's strongest elements if we take the time to channel that power into our experiences.

Torah and mitzvote aren't here to limit us but to actually help us channel G-d's will into those experiences.

I think we often underutilize the power we have to be all that we can be and to have the influence that we can have on others - to move out of poverty and into abundance by bringing G-d's strength into our lives.

I hope we can help each other be our best selves, illuminating the world, especially now when it is so utterly needed.  It will not only help us to help others, but also to radiate our own greatest strengths.

Much love and light,
Dr. Donna


Dear Alumni,

We have made so many changes this past year:  Motti coming back on board and organizing our alumni communications, our newly completed renovation, expanded jewish programming and rabbinic staff, medi-cal grants available soon and now our bridge to recovery sober living.  Stay in touch for announcements as we reopen our out-patient and start a women's program again.  See how you can stay connected and be part of the mission.

I look forward to staying in close contact and spreading light together.  We need your help!